The D&B Head's Guide To Results Day

By Amy Jayne

It’s finally arrived. The day of reckoning. The day that thousands of sweaty palms tear apart envelopes emblazoned with university logos to find out whether it all paid off. Countless hours of revision dedicated to the singular purpose of getting into *that* university. But now’s the part where you get to choose. Which offer will you accept? There’s a lot to consider: the best results? The highest employment rate? Or, most importantly, which city is the best night out? If you’re more concerned about the latter, you’ve come to the right place. 


Without doubt one of the most famous places in the country for nightlife, Bristol boasts a culture of D&B that few other cities can match. For one, it’s the home of renowned skatepark-turned-superclub Motion, which DJ Mag ranked amongst the top 20 clubs on the planet. Its DJ booth has been graced by everyone from Andy C to S.P.Y and the venue continues to book legends of all genres and backgrounds. But it’s not all about Motion, with 90s hotspot Basement 45 and converted boat Thekla, there’s so much choice if you’re thinking of heading west this September.

Motion - Bristol


A city famous for seeing the rise of acid house and brit-pop, you’d be forgiven for overlooking Liam Gallagher’s home town when it comes to D&B. It’s odd that Manchester isn’t held in the same regard as London or Bristol when looking at the D&B that it’s birthed. The scene is electric with artists like DRS and Chimpo finding their feet there, and it’s no surprise that the city that Chase & Status themselves studied in should breed such talent. Whether you’re after a raucous rave at Mint Lounge or a more intimate experience at The Bread Shed, Manchester isn’t one to be ignored on that UCAS list. 



Following on from Manchester we've got their noisy neighbours to the east, Leeds. Recently we asked on our socials which towns and cities were your favourites for D&B, and Leeds, Bristol and Vienna came up as your top choices. Leeds is home to venues packed full of vibes at all sizes. Whether you want that sweaty basement atmosphere venues such as Wire can supply, or an alternative vibe from clubs like Beaver Works, this student hot-spot is the real deal for D&B heads. To top it off it's home to Mint Warehouse; the infamous 1000 capacity venue with events lined up hosting the likes of Sub Focus, Turno and Kanine over freshers week. 

Wire - Leeds


This southern dock city may not have the cultural capital of the heavyweights on this list, but when it comes to D&B Southampton can compete with the big boys in terms of events. If you’re one to get the gun-fingers pumping there’s more than enough opportunity to do so down south, with clubs like Switch and Junk constantly booking the biggest names week in week out. But that’s not all; an ever-growing underground scene is starting to flourish, with regular open mic nights - which showcase local DJs and MCs - becoming a staple of the city’s nightlife. 

Switch - Southampton


Our list wouldn’t be complete without the big smoke now, would it? It’s the capital city, it’s got D&B coursing through its veins and it’s got a selection of superpower venues from the scene. Sure the place is astronomically expensive, there are scowling commuters rushing around 24/7 and the tube smells funny, but it’s got an elite selection of D&B hotspots such as E1, XOYO, Printworks and of course, Fabric. You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s no lack of choice when it comes to where you’re gonna be skanking on any given night of the week. 



An honourable mention goes out to our seaside hometown of Brighton. Whether you're after an intimate clubbing experience or an all-out tinnitus brawl, we've got you covered. You could find us down at the notorious Volks Nightclub on a Saturday, or maybe down at a multi-headliner knees up at The Arch or Concorde 2 on a Friday. Not forgetting Patterns, with their infamous 'Foundations' club nights, hosting the best in the bass scene each Friday.

Not only is Brighton the home of Friction and our Shogun Audio family, but we're also blessed to share the city with an array of talented people such as the legendary Fatboy Slim, High Focus crew, Tru Thoughts and many more. Brighton is certainly a creative hub and it's by the sea! What's not to love? 

Concorde 2 - Brighton




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