Back To Our Roots - 10 years of Spor's 'Aztec'

By Amy Jayne



To celebrate our 15th year as a label we've decided to start a blog series called 'Back To Our Roots'. In this series, we pick landmark releases from the history of Shogun Audio and give you an opportunity to discover more about the process behind releasing the track.

Our first track landed in record stores back in 2009, a seminal year for us with releases from the likes of Break, Icicle and Alix Perez's debut LP; 1984. This release recently reached its 10th birthday in May of 2019, not only has it just reached this landmark but it's still a classic we all hear rip up dancefloors across the globe in 2019; Spor's 'Aztec'.



Aztec was our biggest selling single of 2009 and went down as one of the biggest D&B tracks of the decade. It set a record as the first ever tune ever to appear as Grooverider's rewind track two weeks in a row on Radio 1 as well as receiving radio support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Rob Da Bank and even Kerrang radio.

To chat all things 'Aztec' we caught up with the man who brought 'Aztec' to the Shogun label; Ed (Friction). 


"Aztec. What can I say about this track?! I'd known Jon Spor for a while and we had always got on really well. He had sent me a few new tunes to play as dubplate’s and one of them was this unfinished beast with a huge lead line."

Huge lead lines are something Spor's renowned for, as well as the technicality of his drums. That signature neuro-heavy drum sound can be heard on the flip-side of 'Aztec', 'Do Not Shake'.



 On the topic of drums, here's what Ed had to say when he first heard the drums on 'Aztec'. 


"It ('Aztec') really resonated with me but it had a very different drum pattern. I've always been someone that was into something a little bit different drum wise but I felt like, in this case, it was taking away some of the impact from the track. So I called Jon from the studio and explained my thoughts about the beats needing to be a bit more 'straight' (whilst losing my mind at how good the general level of the production on the track was). Within a few hours he had switched it up to a more straight drum pattern and Aztec was ready to go. I was so hyped when he said he was up for giving it to me for Shogun. And the rest, as they say, is history!"



'Aztec' went down as a pinnacle track for us during our early days at Shogun Audio, so we decided to celebrate the release by getting Calyx & Teebee on a remix for our '10 Years of Shogun Audio' album back in 2014.



There we have it, some insight into the history and behind the scenes action for Spor's 'Aztec', a track that went down as a key waypoint in our history.

 You can now become the proud owner of Spor's 'Aztec/Do Not Shake' on 12" vinyl by clicking below.





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