Ed:it - The Junction EP
Ed:it - The Junction EP

Ed:it - The Junction EP


Signed by Ed:it - 1x12" vinyl.

Firmly cementing his place in the family, Ed:it returns with his third Shogun EP 'The Junction'. Known for his chiseled sound of soulful but gritty drum & bass, this EP is once again a showcase of his ability to bring forward a momentous melodic style while employing some heavier influences.

"With my third EP instalment on Shogun Audio, I wanted to create 4 tracks that represent myself and the music I love. The title track 'The Junction' came together with influences from the rolling deep sound in the scene. 'Wander Away' transpired from meeting Lady Soul earlier on in the year where I was instantly impressed with her voice. It's been a pleasure to show what she's capable of doing. With 'Nevermind it' & 'Kovacs' I simply wanted to introduce some gritty steppers to the dance. Really great to get out to you all. Enjoy!" Ed:it, 2017.



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