OUT NOW: Fourward - Expansion LP

OUT NOW: Fourward - Expansion LP

Known for their heavy-hitting, no holds barred approach, Lukas, Ludwig, Dominik and Niklas AKA Fourward, throw down with their inimitable sound design to deliver a stunning new album 'Expansion' on Shogun Audio. 

Featuring 11 heavy hitting tracks including collaborations with Friction, Mefjus, Jakes, Pep and René the results are staggering, from the dance floor ready 'Sequencer' to the heart-wrenching 'Over' through to the neck-breaking 'Bite The Dust', 'Expansion' puts Fourward firmly on the frontline of modern day D&B where they look set to stay for a long very time to come.

"Beyond all our recent singles and EPs we wanted to explore and diversify with more melodic elements and vocals alongside our trademark hard-edged production, broadening our sound and pushing the envelope even further. Now it’s all completed we’re amazingly proud of what we’ve achieved. Thanks for the love and letting us play a part in this great game, we hope you like it." Fourward, 2016.

'Expansion' is out now.



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Published: 22nd September 2016