Icicle & Spectrasoul - Wounded / Body Language

SGN010 - Released 25/08/2008

SGN:LTD is proud to present a stellar collaborative single from Icicle & SpectraSoul.

A jazzy half-time intro sets the pace in 'Wounded', smokey chords soon making way for an infectious double bass bassline. Where the A-side delves into the past, 'Body Language' tackles the future. Like a ticking timebomb waiting to explode, the intro builds with futuristic pads and effects, robotic expressions build as it moves towards take-off. Once ignited, 'Body Language' rolls into a tunneling orbit, with warping basses, crisp beats and an endless groove.

SGN:LTD has returned, continuing with its mission of bringing you the future stars of drum & bass. 




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