Joe Ford - All of Us EP

SHA093 - Released 24/05/2015

Like a call to arms, Joe kicks off with the militant sounds of ‘All Of Us’, a track that sees him pushing the levels to the extreme with its manic riff of pitched up drums pushing ferociously through the mix. Impossible to forget this one in a hurry.

‘Snares’ opens with a definite air of 80’s melancholy that lulls us before an absolutely heinous drop that sees Joe drawing on his metal sensibilities for an outrageous slice of drum and bass. Shifting even further up the gears comes ‘Crossbreed’, an enormous collaborative effort with the mighty Icicle in attendance. “We had this 16 bar switch up thing going on, a lot of the time we were just sharing techniques messing around on Logic, somewhere in the middle a tune got written! I remember us saying we weren’t going to go too hard with it....guess that didn’t workout!”

Finally the bouncing, sci­fi funk of ‘VE3’ completes the impressive set, rolling out as one of Joe’s most epic floor fillers to date. Pure, big room vibes through and through. Simply huge.



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