Alix Perez - 1984 LP (MP3)


Alix Perez, SpectraSoul, Foreign Beggars

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In his debut album '1984', Alix Perez created a listening experience for both home and clubbing alike. Every track is an exploration into blissed-out downbeat and experimental hip hop to funk, soul and his beloved drum and bass, fusing them all together for the ultimate urban electronica album.

Bonus digital included - 'Myriads' and State '808' that do not included on the album CD

"Alix Perez is the nuts - one of the best drum & bass producers around today... believe!" Rob Da Bank, BBC Radio 1

"Alix is one of the most talented producers making liquid in 2009 - his tracks never fail to hypnotize you."Mistajam, BBC Radio 1, 1xtra

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1984 £0.83
The Cut Deepens ft. Foreign Beggers £0.83
Fade Away £0.83
Voices £0.83
Portraits of the Unknown (Interlude) £0.83
Intersections ft. Ursula Rucker & System £0.83
I'm Free £0.83
Calm of Cast ft. Yungun £0.83
Myriads £0.83
Suffer in Silence ft. Zero T £0.83
State 808 £0.83
Contradictions £0.83
No Grudge ft Truth & Lynx £0.83
Hemlines ft. Sabre £0.83