Alix Perez - Down The Line / Fingerclick (MP3)


Alix Perez

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With consistent musical output that oozes charm, charisma and most importantly, Alix Perez never fails to deliver on the dancefloor. His debut single for Shogun Audio is no exception, and featured one of the most highly anticipated tracks of the time, Down the Line.

With the unmistakable sound of MC Fats providing the catchy, chanting vocal, a deadly combination of bouncing subs, and an infectious hook that won't leave your head for days, Alix has created a musical monster, which has been ruthlessly destroying dancefloors across the globe.

Flip over to Fingerclick for a deeper, funkier outing. Hinting on a bluesy piano tip, a subtle dose of careful crafted Fats vocals once again provide the hum-along hook, wrapped around a silky smooth bass, riddled with distorted stabs and jungle percussion that stand this out from all the rest.

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