Artificial Intelligence - You Can Dream EP (MP3)


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We return from another reccy beyond our perimeter walls with a brand new EP from long established drum & bass duo A.I. - now stepping up to Shogun Audio with a 4-pack of turbo-charged trickery ready to make you shake with the brand new ‘You Can Dream’ EP.

‘Let You Go’ is a big room vocal anthem, pure and simple. Opening with Tiki’s lyrics riding the break before we dive head first into a massive square wave bassline mover with soaring synths and pads drifting over the top and Tiki’s ‘I cannot let you go’ refrain to take you away. The mood darkens considerably for ‘Freedom Come’ with DRS sounding like you’ve never heard him before.

The title track ‘You Can Dream’ takes us back up into the ethereal realm with soothing strings and Steo’s vocal sitting delicately over body rocking drums and more of A.I’s trademark studio manipulation that always manages to take things up another level. Finally it’s time to get proper skanking nasty as they draw in the vocal chants of Jamakabee for the marching mayhem of ‘10 Outta 10’, a dirty distorted slab of dynamite drum & bass.

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