Ed:it - South City EP (12" Vinyl)


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1 x 12" Vinyl, 3mm spine sleeve.

“With my second Shogun installment I'm bringing something slightly dirtier but still soulful. I wanted to have more ammo for the dance floor but in keeping with the musical elements I produce, bringing meaningful expression as well as utilising my heavier influences.

The name 'South City' EP came from a big move from Nottingham to London. The whole EP has flavours and inspiration from my surroundings here in the capital. The title track was produced with deep sampling & soul in mind. I think it carries the tone of the release with the drawn-out vocal/musical intro and life like drums on the drop. With ‘Isolution’ I wanted to showcase my tekkier side & influences. ‘Heaven Sent You’ came together as steppy liquid number. A track you can listen to on a every day basis but also one to rock the dance floor. Finally, my favourite of the EP ‘Babylon Step’ speaks for itself for me." Ed:it 2016

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Babylon Step
Heaven Sent You
South City