Fourward - Expansion LP (MP3)



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Known for their heavy-hitting, no holds barred approach, Lukas, Ludwig, Dominik and Niklas AKA Fourward, throw down with their inimitable sound design to deliver a stunning new album 'Expansion' on Shogun Audio. 

"Beyond all our recent singles and EPs we wanted to explore and diversify with more melodic elements and vocals alongside our trademark hard-edged production, broadening our sound and pushing the envelope even further. Now it’s all completed we’re amazingly proud of what we’ve achieved. Thanks for the love and letting us play a part in this great game, we hope you like it." Fourward, 2016.

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Fourward - Bite The Dust ft. Jakes £0.83
Fourward - Belly Of The Beast £0.83
Fourward & Friction - Run Your Mouth £0.83
Fourward - Empty Soul £0.83
Fourward - Beta Alpha Theta Delta £0.83
Fourward - Dewey £0.83
Fourward - Sequencer £0.83
Fourward - Over £0.83
Fourward - From East ft. Pep £0.83
Fourward & Mefjus - Everytime £0.83
Fourward - What if ft. RenĂ© £0.83