Icicle - Entropy Remixed EP (MP3)


Joe Ford, Icicle

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As the summer months ensue and Icicle rolls through the groundbreaking Entropy live European tour, the dutch master returns to present the follow up to his critically acclaimed sophomore album of late last year, Entropy. The Entropy Remix EP project draws on the talents of some of Icicles favourite producers to bring their own take on music from the album and due to popular demand we have also included Phaces deadly remix of Dreadnaught in the package - another essential addition to the Shogun Audio artillery.

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Icicle - Dreadnaught ft. SP:MC (Phace Remix) £0.83
Icicle - Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix) £0.83
Icicle - The Edge ft. Metropolis (Black Sun Empire Remix) £0.83
Icicle - Will You be Mine ft. Sarah Hezen (Ulterior Motive Remix) £0.83
Icicle & Mefjus - Isolation (Proxima Remix) £0.83