Icicle - Redemption Remixes EP (MP3)


Icicle, Alix Perez

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Taken from Icicle's debut album 'Under The Ice', dropping the first re-lick is Shogun's own Alix Perez who cranks up the BPM's to turn Redemption into a sinister dance floor creeper. Twisted bass and Perez spiky beats the way only Mr Perez knows how - a smashing drum and bass remix of one of the most referred to tracks from the LP.

Then it's time for something really different and a first for Shogun as the house honcho Marco Del Horno delivers a straight 4/4 version. Here he takes 'Redemption' into some dark tribal house territories - adding a whole new dimension to the package.

Next up is some typically cold Icicle dubstep with 'Galacticstep'. Trade mark percussion, sparse arrangement, techno infused key stabs and low-slung bass make for another fantastic slice of Ice.

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