Klute - Revolution / Most People Are Dicks (MP3)



Klute leaves his home of commercial suicide to drop two superb tracks here on shogun audio. One of d'n'b's finest is always on top form & shows off his versatillity here with two contrasting tracks. First up is a "Revolution", a rollin slice of futuristic jungle with heavyweight basslines, delayed fx, fresh dubwise vocals, spaced out pads & a classic break that cuts through the mix perfectly. This track really does have it all!

On the flipside is "Most People Are Dicks" don't let the title fool you here this is a serious pice of drum 'n' bass. Reminiscent of klute's earlier work on the likes of certificate 18, this tracks rolls out with tight, skipping beats, deep rumbling bassline & spine tingling pads. Pure top quality d'n'b on a heavyweight slab of vinyl, don't miss out!

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