Need For Mirrors - Pitchfork / Type 4 (12" Test Press)


Need For Mirrors

1 of 5 Test Presses in the world. 

1 x 12" vinyl, white house bag sleeve. 

If rolling vibes of the Bristol sound of yesteryear are your thing then put this on and you may think you've just landed in heaven. 'Pitchfork' is a pure unadulterated, bass-fiend's wet dream; simple, tough and ready to skank out any dance floor.

'Type 4' intros with some nasty fx and a tough, snapping kick & snare combo that lead into this naughty tech-stepping beast of a tune. The seething mid-range riff takes the reigns as we're then lead off down a slippery slope into the murky world of Need For Mirrors.

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Type 4