Prolix - Danger EP (12" Vinyl)



1 x 12" Vinyl, 3mm spine sleeve.

Prolix follows up his recent ‘Nature Of Reality’ release with the almighty sounds of the ‘Danger EP’. With an array of typically twisted beats on show including one of the most rewound tunes of the moment ‘Danger’, through to one of the most heinous collaborations this year with Drumsound & Bassline Smith, 'Planet Smasher'.

“I'm excited to finally be putting out my debut 'Danger' EP on Shogun Audio! It's a 4 track release including vocals from from Ben Verse on 'Threshold' and a collaboration of triplet mayhem with Drumsound and Bassline Smith on 'Planet Smasher'. All four tracks have been designed with both dance floor destruction and the casual easy listener in mind! Hopefully there will be something on here for everyone, especially if you like your drum and bass dark and techy.” Prolix 2016 

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We Do Our Thing
Planet Smasher Vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Threshold ft. Ben Verse