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If there’s one man in drum & bass who truly exudes constant innovation and dexterity, it’s Tom Rockwell. Having recently finished his latest stint on BBC Radio 1 hosting the Residency show, the man whose previous single ‘Detroit’ blew up Zane Lowe’s studio sub live on air, returns to Shogun with two more glorious slices of electronic marvel, ready to twist heads and minds the world over once more.

You won’t have heard anything else much like ‘INeedU’, a hyper-fuelled piece of 170bpm 4/4 delight that’ll either make you or break you. With its sultry vocal and house-infused riff, Rockwell raises the roof with this piece of genre defying, party time UK club music. Essential is an understatement.

While on ‘1_2_3_4’, Tom picks up where ‘Detroit’ left off, digging deep into his box of trademark production trickery to bring about an enormous slab of dance floor destroying D&B that’ll drop jaws throughout clubland. It’s a truly epic way to end another utterly crucial cut from the now world-renowned Rockwell school of studio savvy.

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