SpectraSoul - Shelter ft. Lily McKenzie EP (12" Vinyl)


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12" vinyl, reverse board gatefold 3mm spine sleeve.

‘Shelter’ featuring the blissful lyrics of Lily McKenzie sees Spectrasoul stepping firmly into other musical territories for a beautifully melancholic slice of hazy, sundown listening. The perfect embodiment of the duo’s current push towards more songwriting, ‘Shelter’ hits the spot perfectly.

With remix duties handed to the Grammy nominated talents of Two Inch Punch, he turns in a magical take, bringing an even more ethereal and more leftfield slant to proceedings that’s sure to find favour with more electronic music aficionados across the world.

As if this weren’t enough also included in the single package is a VIP version by Spectrasoul themselves. Taking the track firmly into the main room, it’s awash with pristine, clattering drums and classic Spectrasoul rib rattling bass, all the while retaining the intensely satisfying vocals that will stay in your head long after the record plays out.

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Shelter ft. Lily McKenzie
Shelter ft. Lily McKenzie (Two Inch Punch Remix)
Shelter ft. Lily McKenzie (VIP Mix)