Technimatic - Through The Hours (2x12" Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve)


Technimatic are proud to celebrate 10 years working together with the release of their 3rd studio LP ‘Through The Hours’. Born of time spent behind the boards, on the decks and travelling the world honing their craft, this is their most profound work to date.

This product includes two 12" black vinyl in a full art gatefold sleeve. 


12" One 

Side A
1 Past, Present, Future
2 Recurring Dream
3 Sometimes

Side B
4 The Nightfall ft. Jono McCleery
5 Goodbye KIss
6 Waypoint
7 True Believer

12" Two

Side A
8 Resolution
9 Holding On ft. Matt Wilson
10 Let It Fall

Side B
11 Breathe In
12 Weightless ft. Lucy Kitchen
13 All Our Yesterdays