The Prototypes - The Rage Within / Insomniac (12" Test Press)


The Prototypes

1 of 5 Test Presses in the world. 

2 x 12" vinyl, white house bag sleeve. 

The Prototypes put their very particular set of skills to good use as they crank the controls to up to eleven and max out the mixing desk for another enormous release ready to kick down the club doors near you.

With a rounded, rich production that oozes class ‘Rage Within’ opens in typically cinematic fashion with Takura’s yearning vocal that floats over a smooth chord progression making way for the kicks to roll. Then take a breath as we’re catapulted head-on into some bassline warfare; smash ‘n’ grab what you can as this dictates proper raving riot!

Insomniac’ is another lesson in how to demolish the dance, this time opting for some heavy metal guitar power chords that set the tone in the intro before the drop into a pummeling mid-range riff that shares the limelight with laser synth stabs and large smacking drums to wreak havoc.

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The Prototypes - Rage Within ft Takura