Various - Assassins EP Volume 3 (MP3)


Icicle, Alix Perez, SpectraSoul

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We proudly present the 3rd Installment of our highly successful 'Assassins EP Series' featuring four unique tracks that highlight the exciting selection of artists from within the camp. First up, and opening the EP with a herculean slab of beats & bass, at the time the newest Shogun recruit, Dutch wonder kid 'Icicle' with his truly distinctive style and trademark production shining through, the icey sounds of 'Minus' bombard all senses in an all out audio assault.

'Alix Perez' continued his soul supremacy within drum & bass and serves up one of his finest tracks to date. The sophisticated sounds of 'Stray' are a perfect example of Alix's unmatched sample creativity. Silky vocals, funk hooks housed and an irresistible groove make this an essential addition to any DJ's bag.

'SpectraSoul' had risen to success over the past year, and with this, their debut outing on Shogun Audio, they look to continue their reign within the scene. 'The Tube' delivers a monstrous bass-driven roller, whilst still maintaining elements of the duos soulful sounds. keep your ears to the ground for these guys!

Last, but no means least, 'Zero T' completes the EP with an example of why hes one of the hottest producers around. 'Goes Around' unites a late night, smoky vibe, with a classy vintage vocal and a smooth injection of bass that is as welcome on the dance floor, as it is the listening that switch!

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