Our New Winter Collection

Our New Winter Collection

I think we've all noticed by now... summer has sadly left us for 2019. This presents a problem - our wardrobes, currently full of colourful summer tees, shorts and flip-flops, now leave us shivering as we leave our homes for work on a bleak Monday morning. The solution? A re-stock of threads to keep you looking fresh and feeling toasty over the colder months ahead. 

Windbreaker Jacket 

Wind and rain. It's coming, and there'll be a tonne of it over the winter. Windbreaker jackets are the perfect weapon to combat this by blocking out those harsh winds and by shielding you from the rain above. 


Sweaters - perfect for keeping cosy in the evenings and for fighting off the cold throughout the chilly days ahead. Our latest edition, the unisex Shogun 2019 Black Sweater, is made from a soft, comfortable polycotton mix, with a custom woven patch across the breast.  


With winter approaching, a beanie is a must-have for all wardrobes. Coming in a choice of Classic Black or Antique Grey - our beanies are designed to keep your head warm and your style on point. 


Beloved by skate and streetwear brands, the hoody is an essential item for the whole year-round. Coming in a warm, soft 100% cotton mix, our Classic Hoody will be your go-to for combatting the colder weather on the horizon. 

Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are an essential no matter the weather. Our spin on the U.S classic comes in a variety of colours - each with a woven logo on the front and a flexible mesh back.


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