Celebrating 10 Years of Spectrasoul's 'Delay No More' LP

Celebrating 10 Years of Spectrasoul's 'Delay No More' LP

The ability to create great music is a talent that secures stardom for many artists, but it’s only those who harness the capacity to curate timeless music that cement themselves as legends for years to come. 

A decade on from a remarkable debut album that traversed genres and put the duo’s trademark melodic mastery on display for the world to see, Spectrasoul have emerged as one of those few whose music can stand the test of time. 

Titled ‘Delay No More’, the diverse, experimental, and genre-bending debut offering eternalized itself as one of 2012’s finest electronic albums and a Shogun Audio classic.

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, ‘Delay No More’ is now being pressed to vinyl for the very first time, which includes Calibre’s iconic remix of ‘Away With Me’.

Without a doubt, this milestone release highlights just how in-keeping Spectrasoul’s earliest album was with the forward-thinking, energetic, and beautifully deep ethos that has gone on to define their astounding career in music.

"Revisiting some old ground, pushing some new ideas, as well as sewing the seeds for new pastures, we believe that ‘Delay No More’ is a true, and honest statement of intent, as well as a milestone for us, and our sound" - Spectrasoul


After first appearing on Shogun Audio in 2010 with their single ‘Glimpse/Absentis’, Spectrasoul released a total of nine projects via our imprint, with the last coming in the form of ‘The Mistress LP’, their second studio album which encapsulated the unmistakable drum and bass brand that they’d carved out on the label. 

Unfortunately, Spectrasoul are no longer making music as a duo. However, Jack’s recent exploits as Workforce have seen him achieve success as a solo artist. Dave is also working on a host of new music, all of which we hope to see him unveil to the world soon. 

The Delay No More Vinyl Reissue is available in limited quantities. 

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