Document One's Biggest Influences

Document One's Biggest Influences

Document One continue to make waves across the scene with the arrival of their debut self-titled album! 👇 



This 14 track collection showcases the journey Joe & Matt (Document One) have made over the past decade. Having found their roots in D&B, the duo proceeded into a successful stretch in the Dubstep and Bass scene. Now making their long-form debut - they celebrate the genre where it all began. 

Featuring an array of dancefloor destroyers and liquid bangers, the album is laced with hints of jazz influences. These can also be heard in their previous works such as 'LSD' - their debut release on the label in 2018.


We caught up with Joe & Matt to chat about 6 pieces of music that influenced them as musicians. Their selection shocked us due to the variety. Read on to check them out...


Portishead - Roads

This track pretty much inspired me to produce music on a computer, before this track I was a pianist. I love the combination of electronic and more traditional elements of Trip-Hop music but no one does it better than Portishead in my opinion. The strings are understated and beautiful and compliment the electric piano, guitar and sampled drum break perfectly, my love for this combination of instrumentation has stuck so you will hear it all over our music. Beth Gibbon's melancholy top-line completes this piece of music perfectly, this track has been an inspiration for me since I started making music. 


Esbjorn Svensson Trio - From Gagarin's Point of View

This is another early inspiration for me. I first heard of this band when I was 13 and I'd been playing piano for three years. The elegance and simplicity of Esbjorn Svensson's improvisation had a huge impact on my playing. Something which also stood out from the other Jazz I was listening to was the use of electronics in the music, this led to me experimenting a lot with my piano at home, recording it and applying effects on Cubase, cogs were beginning to turn. The impact this band had on my piano playing still carries through within our sound in a subtle way. I still listen to a lot of Jazz and I constantly strive to use interesting chord voicings as a result.


Spor - Aztec

Before Matt introduced me to the likes of Spor and Noisia I was listening to a lot of Autechre, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. The artists I was already listening to were an incredible example of drum programming and sophisticated studio techniques, but my introduction to Spor, particularly the track Aztec, exposed me to sound design and synthesis in a completely different category. D&B music, particularly Neurofunk, had producers doing things you had never heard before. From this point, sound design, synthesis and resampling became my focus for a long time, our sound has become more mellow over the years and slightly more on arrangement and harmony, but sound design remains a hugely important part of what we do. Shogun Audio's back catalogue has been a massive source of inspiration for us over the years. 



Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag

This track is a huge inspiration to us, not just from a Jazz perspective but more on how the rules within D&B can be broken sometimes. As well as cool grooves and rolling drums, the vocal is a key feature and something we try to continue to include within our own productions. A staple tune within the scene but a game-changer for us personally and still stands the test of time! 


High Contrast - Everything's Different

I can remember hearing this around the winter before his LP dropped and falling in love with it instantly. The vocals are amazing and carry a level of class which few have gone on to replicate since. Beyond that, the simplicity of the bassline and groove is what ultimately captivates us along with its intertwining string and melody lines. High Contrast rarely disappoints and continues with this anthem. 


Pendulum - Vault

A game-changer not only for us but also for many within the scene. The pure weight and sonics of the record are immense, as well as the complexity and depth which not many producers can achieve. The drop is amazing, to say the least, and definitely pushed us onto a heavier road of D&B which we wanted to explore. Pendulum are serious heavyweights in the production game and a massive inspiration to many across the globe. This record has everything from catchy leads and hooks to massive beats and basslines. A serious throwback which never fails when we pull it out for a DJ set. 


See for yourself how these influences are portrayed in Document One's debut album - check it out below 👇 





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