EQ50 X Shogun Audio Mentorship

EQ50 X Shogun Audio Mentorship

EQ50 is a collective of women working towards fairer representation within the Drum & Bass industry. We are super excited to be involved with one of their most ambitious projects to date: a mentorship programme for five womxn* 

Alongside other key labels in the scene such as Critical Music, Function Records, Ram Records and V Recordings - we will work EQ50 and their team to share our knowledge and encourage equality into our scene.

Ed Friction, Label Founder “It’s hugely important to help women push through in D&B and we should be working as a scene to improve equality in our genre and the music industry as a whole. Myself and the label team are honoured to be working alongside EQ50 to make this happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what talent comes through and hopefully play a part in their musical journey with the help of our great team.”

Amy Jayne - Label Manager "As a woman who has worked in the music industry for over a decade, I understand the struggles we face to make ourselves heard in a male-dominated world. I'm super excited to be working alongside EQ50 to help propel women and diversity in our genre. The music industry as a whole has a long way to go in terms of equality but it's amazing to see this selection of key labels coming together to make a change. I look forward to sharing the knowledge of our team and our artists to help more talent breakthrough and work towards a more balanced playing field."

*womxn = cis, trans, femmes, non-binary people

One of the major barriers for womxn in male-dominated industries is lack of confidence. Mentoring, including peer to peer support, is a key driver of boosting the confidence of womxn to increase their success and retention rates in the industry. A recent study from the UK-based PRS Foundation found that 79% of grantees interviewed, who received support from their Women Make Music programme, confirmed the fund had increased their confidence.

"We wanted to collaborate with well-established record labels from a wide range of styles within drum and bass. Shogun Audio has consistently been releasing high-quality music for over 15 years so has a huge wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. They also have a long history of nurturing and breaking through new talent through their partner labels, Elevate & SGN:LTD. The Shogun Audio back catalogue covers so many different styles so we’ve got a lot of flexibility when selecting the right mentee. 

We need all corners of Drum and Bass to be championing diversity. Having Shogun Audio as a collaborator and ally in the movement to address the gender imbalance in our industry is incredibly important. We’re thrilled to be working so closely with Shogun and are really excited to be able to create this opportunity together." Indi Mantra, EQ50





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