Get To Know: Monrroe

By Amy Jayne


One of the latest to join the Shogun Audio family, Monrroe (Eli), is back once again with another melodic liquid banger; 'Everywhere I Go' featuring Clem.  





 'Everywhere I Go's the follow up to his debut release on Shogun, 'You Got Me' ft. Alexa Harvey, another liquid ballad featuring crisp production and stunning vocals. These tracks, amongst his varied other releases, have helped Eli begin to carve his place into the liquid drum & bass scene.  



 We caught up with the man himself to chat all things Monrroe, liquid drum & bass and DJ booth ridden after-shave, please read on...


You've just dropped your stunning new single 'Everywhere I Go', tell us a bit about it?

Bless ya! Yeah wicked to get this one out, it's been in the pipeline for a while now and gone through a few different versions...  it started as a heavily trance influenced track and progressed to this deeper vibe still with them subtle trance flavours throughout. Clem came through with this amazing top line vocal and completed the track really. 


This is the second single since joining the Shogun family at the start of the year. How has the journey been so far?

Yeah, second one! The journey so far has been ace, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes working with the team on the A&R side of things trying to progress and find my sound... which has been nice, I think we're almost there (hopefully). Such a wicked crew to be working with, big love all round.


Obviously, we're biased but we love working with you and think you and your sound is the perfect fit on Shogun. How would YOU describe your sound and what are your goals as an artist? 

Aww, I'm glad you think so! Definitely feels like home to me. To me, my sound is on the deep atmospheric side of liquid with a drop of emotion and an edge of the dark tech influences thrown in. Think B-tec child of LSB, Alix Perez & SpectraSoul. Goals wise is just to keep creating music that people hopefully like and push myself to progress artistically, it would also be wicked to pursue other branches of the drum & bass spectrum. Also, I wouldn't say no to having my own perfume brand called 'DJ Angst', but I'll give that a few years haha. 


Hahaha! DJ Angst?! Would you rather that smell like a jam-packed DJ Booth at 3am or more like a windowless studio on a summers day after an 8-hour session on Logic? 

Hahaha DJ booth at 3am is the one for me, way more aesthetic for sure! Sweat and month old beer, what a dream. 


Hahaha! Right, on that note, question time...

You have 30 mins to showcase any visual or words on a Times Square Billboard. (Doesn't have to be about your music but can be) What would it be and why? 

Hahah perfect segway! For me the perfect thing to showcase is just a 30 min loop of the phrase 'Ennit' in different languages, it's such an important phrase for me and I think more people just need to be aware of the beauty of those 4 letters. 


Hahahaha absolutely creased....ENNIT!





Who's your favourite Elijah? (You can't pick yourself)

That's an easy one, Elijah Wood... my man took the ring to Mordor, enough said. 



Tell us a random fact about yourself that not many people know...

I'm shit scared of fish, to be fair anything that lives in water... I don't know why but just sends me proper west seeing lil creatures bopping about in the water. Blue Planet was like watching a horror film for me.


Ok, we weren't expecting that! Does that mean we won't be seeing you on any boat parties this year? 

Yeah a bit of a weird one hahah. Maybe, but I'll deffinitely just be in the corner rocking some arm-bands and maybe some flippers just in case. 


As a liquid connoisseur, what are your 5 favourite liquid D&B tracks from the past 12 months? 

Haha yeah definitely gonna be a large wan!! Oooooh that's a tough one, there's been so much good stuff out recently. In no particular order, it's...



 Koherent ft. Charli Brix - Voices




Zero T- Bermuda




Alix Perez- Slink




Etherwood - Away From It All




RoyGreen & Protons (ft. Dual)- You Did This





Big riddims! Thanks for taking the time to chat, we will see you very soon! And congrats on the amazing new single!

Anytime, thanks for having me!! Big love x


You can check out Monrroe's 'Everywhere I Go' in various formats by clicking below.





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