GLXY: 10 Things We'd Change Forever

GLXY: 10 Things We'd Change Forever

GLXY's latest single is out now! 'Changed Forever' features a soothing vocal and progressive synths, sat over the top of the signature deep, rolling D&B production the boys are becoming known for - check it out for yourself below.  

To celebrate the release we decided to catch up with Jon & Tom to ask them what 10 things they would like to change forever - given the chance. Here we go 👇 



1. Love Island - I know a lot of people watch it but I genuinely think it's the reason behind Trump, Brexit and Katie Hopkins existing. 

2. "Rollers" - Break, DLR, Perez - They make rollers. A basic break and foghorn can't constitute as one. I'm very sorry. 


3. The Picadilly line - Too many stops, old trains, hot as hell. Also that journey to Heathrow... mission!

4. MC hate - More of a younger generation thing, but I'll never understand the hate MCs get online. It's like saying "Let's watch 11 a-side football but without the goalkeepers!"

5. Delivery charges on Deliveroo/Uber Eats - Just making my unhealthy lifestyle that bit more expensive. Come on man! 



6. The Honda Jazz - Can't count the number of times I've been stuck behind one of them going 20mph in a 40.

7. The divide between genres - Don't get me wrong I love a D&B festival or night, but I always think it's a shame that underground genres don't mix more. Some of my favourite sets have been when a DJ starts with Dub/Reggae, builds through House and Techno and finishes on D&B. It's becoming slightly more common with the "re-emergence" of Jungle, which is good, but I would love to see it happen on a bigger scale. 

8. Budget Airlines - Sooner or later all you'll be able to carry on board a plane free of charge is your wallet. The stuff that those guys get away with (we all know who we're talking about here) is a joke and it's only getting worse.

9. Radio adverts - Those local radio jingles do your nut in, right? Imagine, instead of each advert, new material from up and coming artists got supported... bliss. 

10. Politics - Can't help thinking that to become a politician the number one required trait is to be untrustworthy?! Think we'd all like to see that change forever...

You can check out GLXY's 'Changed Forever' here 👇

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