GLXY: The 'Research & Development' LP

GLXY: The 'Research & Development' LP


The long awaited release of GLXY's 'Research & Development' LP is finally upon us and the orders are coming in thick and fast.

With premiers, praise and support from the likes of Radio 1, Annie Mac, Spotify, Apple Music, UKF and Skank & Bass, it's no wonder the LP has garnered so much attention from industry heavyweights and drum and bass fans alike.


'YourEDM' recently praised the pair for 'Reminding people why liquid is important in an age of bass and synths' and for "remaining true to their roots and the roots of classic liquid jungle."

We had the duo join us at Shogun HQ for a an exclusive signing session of the new LP and chatted to them about how it felt to finally release this labour of love that had been in the works for over a year..



“We’ve put a lot of love and graft and into this project and to finally let it see the light of day is amazing. I guess the album took about a year to form with a lot of back and forth between Jon and I, it was a lot of fun and not too many arguments! Hopefully this cements our sound going forward and can’t wait to see what everything thinks” - Tom

"Feels amazing to finally get this album out there. It's felt like a long journey but i'm delighted with how its turned out! Definitely learned a lot about ourselves musically and hopefully we can take that forward into future projects." - Jon


With limited numbers available, don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the full vinyl experience during lockdown. The two -sided vinyl includes 14 tracks, with stunning indigo blue 'data focussed' cover art.
This is the perfect addition to any vinyl buffs collection, so head over to the Shogun shop now to show your support and become an official member of the GLXY tribe.









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