Mix Of The Month: Noisia's Radio 1 Essential Mix

Mix Of The Month: Noisia's Radio 1 Essential Mix


"Noisia is a game that we've completed. There's very little left for us to explore together. Noisia is a beautifully consolidated shape. And we want to leave Noisia in that shape, rather than keep chiselling at it, with the risk of ruining it. A good artist should know when an artwork is finished.- Noisia

We're sure you've all heard the news. One of the most influential collectives of electronic musicians have just announced their retirement. That group is Noisia - pioneers across all spectrums of the bass scene and long-time friends of ours, having released with us multiple times. 

On Tuesday, Noisia made public that they'd be calling it a day at the end of 2020; 20 years after they first joined forces and released under the 'Noisia' alias. In the spirit of this news, we've decided to cover Noisia's 'Radio 1 Essential Mix' from 2010 as this month's mix of the month. Switching up BPMs, sonics and breaks left, right and centre - this seminal mix presents just how intellectual and forward-thinking Noisia's genre-warping productions and soundscapes really are. 

Lock in for two hours of trailblazing music from a trio that will be dearly missed across all spheres of the bass scene. Hold tight, Noisia. 

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