Point of Origin Vol 4: Introducing the latest drum and bass talents you need to know

Point of Origin Vol 4: Introducing the latest drum and bass talents you need to know

Everyone at Shogun couldn’t be happier with the response to the fourth edition of our Point of Origin series! Hopefully you’ve discovered some new artists, along with your next favourite track.

Uncovering the drum and bass scene’s most exciting newcomer talents and sharing them with everyone is something we take great pride in, and that’s why we want to properly introduce you to some of the artists on the album. What should you know about them? What inspired their track on the compilation? Where can you see them this year?

This is your extensive guide to the Point of Origin: Vol. 4 compilation and the latest talents who will undoubtedly be lighting up drum and bass in years to come. Grab a drink, listen to the tunes, and get acquainted with the artists.

Shogun Audio · Joe Ford & Jolliffe - Circuits


A newcomer to drum and bass who first emerged in 2019 after spending a considerable amount of time working behind the scenes, Joliffe has made quite the impression with his dark, soulful and more experimental style of music. With releases on Guidance, Spearhead, Delta 9 and Shogun, the future is looking bright for this North London prospect.

“I originally wrote Circuits as a Jolliffe track, but when I sent it to Joe Ford he was excited to work on it and sent it back the way it is now having done what he does best – which is everything… It’s a dark, minimal track that is meant to be futuristic. The metaphysical inspiration for it came through reading Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov when two of the brothers parlay over a modern day inquisition and discover the selfishness of man.”
– Joliffe


Shogun Audio · Dub Elements - Sacred Geometry

Dub Elements

Not enough people know who Dub Elements are and what they’re capable of, which seems crazy when they’re regarded as Spain’s #1 bass duo with several awards backing this up. The Dub Elements sound is a distinctive one harking back to the raw breaks, dirty basslines and rave synths of the early D&B scene, but with some epic modern sound design.

“The initial idea of Sacred Geometry was to create something with an organic/atmospheric sound – especially in the intro and breakdowns – then turn it deep and heavy with the drops. The result is an uplifting build up that brings energy and tension, but at the same time, provides enough room to the drop for it to make a real impact” – Dub Elements

Where to see us in 2021: We’ve been announced for LIR Summer, and of course, you can expect our mighty Dub Elements & Friends show to return as soon as restrictions lift.

Shogun Audio · Phaction & Leo Wood - Electric Wires


As an exciting talent emerging from Bristol’s cultural melting pot, music has always been in Phaction’s blood. Jazz, classical, electronic – his music takes inspiration from it all. Despite being a well-established artist in D&B, Phaction still has so much more of the genre to explore.


“Electric Wires originated after Leo sent me a sketch with a quirky piano riff. I started re-interpreting the chords into something deeper and tenser. Leo then levelled up the vocals in the final cut. I combined this with a grander sound stage and an overall feeling of big reverb that really brought the track to life. We're both super proud of it and how it evolved.”
 – Phaction

Where to see me in 2021: I got sent my first booking the other week for an event in Leeds with Degs and Monrroe. I love going to my local events in Bristol, so you will most likely catch me at RUN, Collective or High Rise too.

Leo Wood

Brought up on soul, jazz and folk music  and completing the Bristolian link up on this tune is one of the hardest working songwriters in D&B, Leo Wood. Funnily enough, Phaction was the artist who first gave her an opportunity to skank a few improv lines over D&B at his flat, and that has led to Leo putting her jazzy twang over many fat basslines.

“Electric wires is a track for skanking out. It’s a throwback to my youth of sneaking into drum and bass raves with my fake ID, soaking in the power vocals and rich basslines of the early 2000’s. An era of iconic sing-along stonkers. You grab your mate, wriggle into front left, sing-along out of tune, and just wait for the drop to send you nuts.” – Leo Wood

Where to see me in 2021: This summer I’ll be journeying across Canada for 3 months to bring my school bus home, but along the way you might catch a couple of live streams in the places I pass through…

Shogun Audio · Bert H & Hiraeth - All I Want

Bert H

An artist who has been steadily causing a stir with his dreamy liquid creations since bursting onto the scene in 2014, Bert H has continually impressed with each production. He is by no means a new name, but he is certainly a talent who deserves more exposure! His link ups with Hiraeth are pretty special too…

“I remember finding a track called Nightglow by Hiraeth on Liquicity's Youtube channel. I never had seen this name before but the tune was amazing. These days, I rarely find a tune that deeply touches my soul, but this one was epic. I messaged him and we ended up working together on a collab. Fun fact – that moment has grown into a strong relationship with about 12 finished tracks, but All I Want was the first tune we made together.”
– Bert H

Where to see me in 2021: Besides local events in Moscow, hopefully, you can see me at Liquicity Tallinn at the end of spring.


He’s the other half of this track link up, and an artist everyone needs to have on their radar. Hailing from Belgium, Hiraeth has built a reputation as a purveyor of atmospheric liquid over his four years in the scene. But don’t be surprised to hear him experiment with harder sonics… Expect big soundscapes, arps, emotional chords and old school funk elements.

"I always try to move listeners with my music. All I Want is no exception. It relies on a simple yet powerful chord structure layered with floating atmospherics. The short drums and soothing bassline keep the track going, giving it a minimalistic and modern feel. The vocals are the icing on the cake. The tune took no longer than 2 days to finish. It’s cool that it was the first track Bert and I ever made together."

Where to see me in 2021: I was booked to play the Star Warz x Shogun stage at Tomorrowland 2020. Funnily enough, I didn't have tracks signed to Shogun then, but now I do… I hope to party there this summer!


Shogun Audio · In:Most - Daybreak


They’re a constantly evolving duo who have garnered a reputation for their impeccable D&B productions since first meeting over the internet several years ago. Both from contrasting musical backgrounds, you can hear a multitude of influences bleeding into the duo’s releases. From drawing on expansive ambient soundscapes, to sampling live recordings and foley sounds. It’s one of the reasons why In:Most have released with Soulvent, Hospital, Spearhead and now Shogun.

“Daybreak came about after playing with some tasty pads and catching a vibe. The main focus was to create a deep, rolling soundscape with a focus on atmospherics. In our music we always try to deliver an atmosphere that connects with the listener, which we think Daybreak does. The idea of looking out over a lush summertime landscape at dawn sprang to mind when writing the tune.”– In:Most


Where to see us in 2021: If all goes well you can catch us representing our Soulvent Records family at Hospitality on the Beach in July and Hospitality’s Weekend In The Woods in September. It’s gonna be a very special time!

Shogun Audio · Soul:Motion & Vector - Land Of The Lost Souls Ft. Krissy Twigge


Soul:Motion is another name who has been doing his thing in the scene for a few years now, but doesn’t necessarily get the credit he deserves. Currently living in Australia, the producer has been making music for 11 years, but his D&B still sounds fresh out the box. Throughout his journey his sound has heavily drawn on soulful influences, but as time progresses, the Soul:Motion sound is heading in the direction of a deeper vibe inspired by Calibre, Alix Perez, Halogenix and Lenzman.

“Land Of The Lost Souls track was an idea I started three years ago. I was sampling jazz melodies and came across a beautiful hook, which I flipped. I wrote the track in about two hours and didn't do anything with it for a year. I sent it to my friend James (Vector) who reworked the track into the polished piece it is today. We then sent it to an old friend of mine, Krissy, who took the track to another level with her beautiful, soulful voice.”
 – SoulMotion


Probably one of the most under the radar talents on this list, Vector has been releasing a steady stream of soulful liquid productions over his 10 years in the scene, however, he’s a name that isn’t usually in the spotlight. But he deserves to be. Whether it’s his previous link up with SoulMotion on ‘Time Will Tell’, or his multiple releases with Macca, Vector has always shown copious ability. Despite not being prolific, as the co-owner of Context Audio he has been putting his stamp on D&B in different ways outside of his productions.

“After Alex (SoulMotion) sent me the sketch in 2018, I spent a while fleshing it out and getting the production to a level we were happy with. We then passed it over to Krissy who did some incredible top line vocals that really brought it together. It has been great to get this one out there, and a real pleasure to release it with Shogun on such a stunning compilation.”


Shogun Audio · Javano - Yours


He’s a name you might have heard or, or one you might have forgotten… Why is this? Well, Javano is like one of those legendary Pokémon who pops up every now and then with a bit of brilliance, before suddenly disappearing back into the wilderness. It’s all in the mystery with Javano, whose releases are never the same. Liquid, 140, ambient, jungle – Javano is an act who surprises with everything he does. It’s one of the reasons why some in the industry have dubbed him as a young Calibre in the making.

“When I listen to Yours the bass is my focus point. It’s what brings out the emotion for me. Combined with the vocal and pads, these three things all complement each other. It did not take long to make and It’s a really simple idea that feels natural.” – Javano

Shogun Audio · Athena - Miss You


Without doubt one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the awesome EQ50 initiative helping female producers find their feet in the D&B scene, Athena has been working closely with Shogun as one of our mentees. She’s still very much trying to nail her sound, but you will hear her productions drawing influence from jungle and old school liquid. A sucker for pianos, breaks and bouncy subs, her tunes always come with an authentic groove.

“Miss You was actually one of the first tunes I wrote back in 2017, which I sent over to EQ50 when I was applying for the mentorship last year. The deep subby bass coupled with jazzy keys is the style of D&B I’m most drawn to, so it’s what naturally came out when I began experimenting with production. It’s got that liquid, soulful vibe with a dubby touch!”
– Athena


Shogun Audio · Echo Brown - Conversations

Echo Brown

We’ve seen a lot of inspiring prospects driving the US D&B scene forward in recent years, and Echo Brown is an artist at the heart of it. Based in North Carolina, he has been producing since he was 17, but he only broke onto the European scene a few years ago. Expect deep liquid and minimal tech productions that ooze soul and lo-fi synthwave elements.

“For Conversations, I really wanted to create something club-ready, but also moody in a sense that there’s an atmospheric aspect to it. The vocals I used were the perfect match in my opinion, and the vibe was set right where I wanted it.” – Echo Brown

Where to see me in 2021: Nothing official.. But Sun & Bass, Outlook and
a D&B night at Fabric are on my wish list!

Shogun Audio · T95 & Operate - Set You Free


Just like Echo Brown, T95 is an artist who has been around in the scene for a while under another moniker, but as T95 he is a newly tuned artist ready to enthral many D&B heads. You only have to look at the success of his debut ‘On Site’ single with DRS last year to see this… With a style of D&B that is always moving, going forward you can expect T95 to be delving into various sub-genres and styles. One thing is for certain though, T95 is a name you’re going to be hearing a lot more of in future.

“Set You Free came from Operate and I playing Warzone with each other, haha! We made it before actually meeting. I hit him up with an idea, which I had already laid out, but I said to him ‘I need your bassline treatment sir’, to which he replied ‘no worries my chav’, and then the tune was made…” – T95


Where to see me in 2021: Catch me in Bristol in April with Sub Zero and Limited at Propaganda Audio’s 1st Event. You may also see me at Shogun @ Steel Yard, 3rd September and DnB Allstars @ E1  


An undeniably bright prospect in the D&B scene, Operate has already penned released with Shogun, Hospital and Overview during his short ascent. Always keen to push an eclectic approach with his musical output, you’ll often hear his productions flittering between the heavier and deeper ends of the liquid D&B spectrum. Expect epic, moody goodness.

“When I first heard a clip of T95’s On Site I complimented the tune and then we got chatting over Call of Duty. We decided we should make something. He sent over a tune that he wanted a deep bassline on, so I added in my elements and it came together super quickly. I think it’s a sick blend of our two styles. Tom’s atmospheric and vocal work is always catchy, and my deep, flowing basslines really encapsulate a dancefloor yet deep vibe!” – Operate

Where to see me in 2021: See me unloading a mountain of lockdown tunes at a socially distanced event in Brighton, a festival, and a couple of tasty shows in London and Bristol (all TBA…haha). Follow the socials and all will be revealed…


Shogun Audio · Waeys - What It Was


One of the most prolific artists to emerge in D&B of late, Waeys had an outstanding year in 2020 – catching the eyes of many in the scene. But would you believe he only had his first D&B release in 2019… It has been a rapid rise for the Amsterdam-born producer who dabbled in dubstep, future bass, house and metal before realising his drum and bass potential. Maybe it’s the way his productions constantly morph into new beasts, or maybe it’s just that awesome moustache. Either way, Waeys is an artist on many radars right now.

“What It Was is the result of me getting really into the Sofa Sound vibe and wanting to dabble with the style. It involved exploring organic/real sounding drums and doing as much resampling as possible, instead of relying on synths.” – Waeys

Where to see me in 2021: If all goes to plan, you'll see me at Hospitality in the Park in September and a ton of Overview nights in various cities throughout the UK. To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Shogun Audio · Gray - Bristol Jungle


Rounding off our line-up of Bristol-based producers is Gray, who like Waeys, had his own breakthrough year in 2019. As far as debut outings go, Gray’s Rubadub EP is up there with the best. With an upfront style of D&B merging the old sounds of jungle with modern, harder sonics, Gray has already managed to garner a reputation as an artist who excites. If you were to catch him at a Born on Road label night, you’d be sure to see him shelling down a frantic set littered with dubs.

“Bristol Jungle is named after a running joke with mates where we would call any kind of music Bristol Jungle. But I also liked the idea that Bristol itself is a melting pot of different styles and genres that come together to make one scene. The song itself is inspired by the rollers you find in Bristol, which are weighty and dark. It actually features my vocals from when I mustered up the courage to say ‘hey bristol’ into the microphone… I don’t know why I did that, but it seemed like a laugh at the time!”

Where to see me in 2021: I will definitely be at Boomtown and St Paul’s Carnival, but all in all, my UK bookings are looking flat out from June 21st.

Shogun Audio · Klippee - Hunter


An incredibly versatile producer, Klippee has been making a name for himself as an act capable of working across various BPMs and styles. Whether it’s some hefty 140 or some downright disgusting wobbles, you know Klippee’s productions are going to bring the goods. Residing in Seattle, he’s yet another US talent helping to push the country’s D&B scene into new, fruitful territories.

“Hunter came about during the craziness of the pandemic. I've been locked in my apartment playing video games, and the sound design in those games is super inspiring. I wanted to make something that sounded like hunting someone down in a first person shooter.”
– Klippee


Shogun Audio · Mistrust - Runes


Another rousing prospect originating from the Cambridge conveyor belt of D&B excellence, Mistrust has already carved out a name for himself in the short time he has been in the scene. But part of the excitement is that you don’t really know what you’re going to get each time. Minimal, liquid, jungle, dark rollers, Mistrust’s own vocals, you name it – he has probably made it. This seamless ability to drift between styles is one of the reasons why we penned Mistrust’s debut release to SGN:LTD in 2019, before following this up with his Forbidden EP in 2020. Keep your eye on this one!

“I wrote Runes at the beginning of the first lockdown. I wanted to produce a classic jungle vibe but contrast it with cinematic elements. Because of lockdown, I approached this track with a different mindset to normal, giving myself a lot more creative freedom.”  – Mistrust

Where to see me in 2021: I’m looking forward to playing Strawberries & Creem, but other than that, you can probably catch me cutting shapes at an event or two in London once things reopen! 

Shogun Audio · Rohaan - Grow


Anyone with their ear to the ground in dance music over the past year will know who Rohaan is. Maybe you copped his debut drum and bass album Bleach, or maybe you tuned into his Minecraft DJ set with Anjunabeats. Either way, Rohaan is a name you need to know. With previous releases on Deadbeats and Ultra Music, Rohaan has unquestionably caught the attention of big players in the industry over his six years of making music. Originally a producer of lo-fi and halftime, it wasn’t until he played a D&B show for Unchained Asia in London that he realised D&B was the direction for his next chapter. Since then, he has been featured in UKF’s top artists and albums of 2020.

“Shogun reached out to me about working together on a tune just after I released my Bleach LP via Mat Zo’s MAD ZOO. I wanted the song to sit in the same audible universe that I envisioned my Bleach LP in, hence Grow was born. I focused on granular synthesis and built the tune around that.” – Rohaan

Where to see me in 2021: Ooooh. Shows in Bristol, Manchester and London are coming! (plus a ton I can't say yet) xo



Author: Jake Hirst 
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