Pola & Bryson - The Acoustic Sessions

Pola & Bryson - The Acoustic Sessions


Over here at Shogun Audio we love it when we're able to take the music out of the club and showcase the diverse songwriting talents of the amazing producers and vocalists that we work with.

For us, it was a no brainer when the idea of doing some acoustic versions of several of Pola & Bryson's seminal releases came up when speaking with the guys at the end of 2018.

Filmed at Tileyard studios in London and Retreat Studios in Brighton in the spring of 2019, below you can check the acoustic videos of two of Pola & Bryson's biggest tracks to date; ‘Night Dawns’ ft Lauren Archer and ‘Find Your Way’ ft Charlotte Haining.
Sit back, grab a cuppa and Enjoy! 


You can also find these acoustic versions on Spotify, alongside Pola & Bryson ft. Brookfield's stunning version of 'No One But You'.


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