Shogun Recommends: 13 Xmas Gift Ideas

Shogun Recommends: 13 Xmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when we contemplate, stress and panic over interesting gift ideas for our loved ones. Let’s face it, is it even Christmas if you haven’t maxed out your Klarna allowance on present options? Especially if you have a drum and bass friend in your life and want to give them a thoughtful gift, it can be a bit of a mission to come up with ideas.

How about we make things a little easier for you? The Shogun Audio team have had a brainstorming session to gather 13 items any D&B lover would appreciate. Merch, vinyl, subscriptions, books, tickets, earplugs – you name it, we’ve probably got it in this list. If you really want to impress a D&B head in your life then make sure to check out our suggestions below. 


Books about drum and bass

These days we’re told to read as much as possible, right? Well, why not make your next book a D&B one. Recently, there’s been a range of awesome reads released by pivotal figures in the scene recounting the history of the genre – something every fan should be familiar with. Our picks are Ray Keith’s Dark Soldier (written by Dave Jenkins), and Ben Murphy & Carl Loben’s Renegade Snares: The Resistance and Resilience of Drum & Bass.

Check out Dark Soldier.

Check out Renegade Snares.

Shogun Audio new beanie hat range

Shogun Audio Beanies

If you want to keep the creative juices flowing all day long then you need to keep your noggin warm! Look no further than our brand new logo-inspired beanie range. Soft, stylish and cosy – what’s not to like? They even come in a range of colours.

Take a look at our new beanie range.

Concrete Junglists Bass Face t-shirt

Concrete Junglists clothing

The merch game is stronger than ever in D&B right now, and Concrete Junglists have been at the forefront of it for a long time. Whether it’s at a rave or out and about, you’ve probably clocked someone wearing some CJ apparel. Tees, bomber jackets, jumpers, sports jerseys – their store has many options that would appeal to any D&B fan. We particularly love their Bass Face tee. Look familiar?

Head over to the Concrete Junglists store.

Shogun Audio Accessories

Shogun Audio Accessories

Nowadays, you can find many cool D&B accessories to jazz up someone's life, and we’re super excited to unveil Shogun’s brand new range. A sticker pack, bottle opener and more – we’ve got a whole host of low cost stocking fillers to choose from.

Have a gander at our new accessory range.

EarPeace Earplug protectors

Ear plugs for the rave

If you want to buy a thoughtful gift for a D&B head then look no further than a pair of ear plugs. Every raver should be wearing them to protect their hearing at events, but there’s a misconception ear protection will cost an arm and a leg. It’s not true! There are many cheap yet effective products out there, and EarPeace is a go-to brand for many ravers.

Check out EarPeace's earplugs.

Shogun Audio Elements Hoodie black

Shogun Audio Elements Hoodie Black

For as long as we can remember, the black hoodie has been the go to for any D&B fan, and our black Elements Hoodie is a much-loved staple of Shogun’s merch range. Especially as the days get colder, this fleece-lined hoodie will keep anyone feeling snug at all times. It’s the reason why you’ll see the Shogun team repping them in and out of the office.

Cop an Elements Hoodie Black.


 Festival tickets

The return of raving this year was something special, and it has all of us in music craving the next event. But with far too many tickets to buy, why not gift someone a pair of tickets to a festival next year? They’d definitely love you for it. From Hospitality In The Woods to Outlook Origins to Let It Roll - there are many great options here.

Take a look at Hospitality Weekend in The Woods 2022 tickets.

Take a look at Outlook Origins 2022 tickets.

Take a look at Let It Roll 2022 tickets.

Sennheiser HD 25 headphones


Here’s a gift everyone can appreciate. It doesn’t matter if they’re an amateur DJ, a professional or someone who just loves listening to their music out and about, a good pair of headphones is always a necessity. You can’t go wrong with Sennheiser HD 25s. They’re undoubtedly the industry standard headphone – and for good reason. Not only do they have amazing sound quality, they’ll last for years. Just ask any DJ!

Explore what Sennheiser HD 25s offer.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom portable speaker

Portable bluetooth speaker

If you’re looking for that special gift, then an epic portable speaker is a great choice. Whether it’s before a rave, at a festival campsite or when lounging around the house, a bluetooth speaker is the trusty companion every music fan needs. They’ll never have to go anywhere without their favourite D&B again! We recommend Ultimate Ears' boom range, which boast some of the best sound quality and durability of all the Bluetooth speaker families out there.

Have a gander at the Ultimate Ears boom range.

Nike Air Max Pre Day trainers


When you’re buying a premium present for someone who loves raving (or just appreciates some nice kicks), a pair of trainers is always a solid gift, as long as you know their size… Stylish and sturdy, Nike Air Max has been a popular choice with ravers for a long time, and we can’t recommend them enough. Check out Nike’s latest Pre-Day range, which is made from at least 20% sustainable materials.

View the Nike Air Max Pre-Day options for women.

View the Nike Air Max Pre-Day options for men.

Shogun Audio Vinyl

Shogun Audio Vinyl

If you’ve got someone in your life with a love of vinyl, then it makes buying Christmas presents that bit easier. What self-respecting vinyl junkie doesn’t want a fresh bit of wax for their collection? We’ve got some great vinyl for you to pick from on the Shogun store. Whether it’s the brand new Vol. 7 of our beloved Shuriken series on a beautiful clear vinyl (available to pre-order now), or the mega Deluxe Box Set of Pola & Bryson’s Beneath The Surface LP, there’s a range of options to mull over.

Pre-order the Shuriken Vol. 7 limited edition vinyl.

Check out Pola & Bryson's Beneath The Surface Deluxe Box Set.


Virtuoso music industry insight subscription

Virtuoso subscription

For those aspiring to progress in the music industry, one of the trickiest things is knowing how to pursue your ambitions. Thankfully, Virtuoso is making life a lot easier. An online subscription service with video content and courses from names across the industry, Virtuoso is providing aspiring DJs, producers, musicians and creators with the resources and opportunities to achieve their goals. Expect content from the likes of Carl Cox, Fat Boy Slim, Flava D, Goldie and even our very own Friction! You can gift a subscription for as little as £5.99 a month.

See what subscriptions Virtuoso offer.

Shogun Audio black socks

XMAS BONUS: Shogun Socks

That’s right, we’re back with our yearly bonus gift idea, and it’s an all too familiar one. Who ever said socks were a boring Christmas present? Not us. After months of raving again, it’s only right to provide the feet with a bit of comfort for the festive period. A perfect, inexpensive stocking filler you can cop in white or black.

Get some Shogun socks in white.

Get some Shogun socks in black.  

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