Our Top Music Documentaries for Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and Electronic Fans

Our Top Music Documentaries for Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and Electronic Fans


With the current circumstances leaving people with a lot more time on their hands, we've pulled together a list of some of the best Music Documentaries out there to stop you having to scroll endlessly for some top notch musical content. Focusing mainly on our first love, Drum and Bass, we've made sure to include something for everyone whether it be Electronic Music, Rap, Jungle or Hip Hop, 


Kicking things off with...


Chase & Status - RTRN II JUNGLE - YouTube 


Industry legends Chase & Status delve into the process behind their most recent masterpiece, RTRN II JUNGLE. They gave us a brief look into the influences behind their sounds, the processes of curating the album and the amazing artists they collaborated with along the way.




Concentric Beats - YouTube

Following the rise of the Drum & Bass scene over in the United States, Concentric Beats focuses in on mainly on three cities: Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, featuring over 70 interviews with the main players in the drum'n'bass scene in the US, as well as from abroad. We hear from DJs, Producers, Promoters, Record label executives, Dub-plate manufacturers, Music journalists, and of course the fans.  




United Nation: Three Decades Of Drum & Bass - iTunes

Focussing on DJ Terry "Turbo" Stone, a was a working-class kid brought up on a council estate who, in his teens, saw opportunities in the budding scene of DRum and Bass, this documentary follows of the origins of the electronic dance music scene and how eventually, EDM was born out of the Drum & Bass movement.



 Roni Size  'The Works' - YouTube 

Aired on BBC 2 in the autumn of 1997 after winning the Mercury Music Prize, this documentary follows DJ/Producer Roni Size and the rest of his Bristol based musical collective 'Reprazent' while they go on tour and in turn, end up filming an award winning series full of exclusive interviews, club footage and amazing music. 




 BassWeight: A Dubstep Documentary -  YouTube

Bassweight marketed as "the first feature-length dubstep documentary" follows the genre's growth from its obscure origins in south London to the global phenomenon it's become today. 


'This Was Tomorrow' - Netflix

A documentary crew take you behind the scenes at one of the worlds biggest Electronic Music festivals, Tomorrowland. Based in Boom, Belgium, and attended by hundreds and thousands of festival goers from all over the world, it's not hard to see why it's hailed as one of the most epic parties on the planet.




AVICII: True Stories - BBC iPlayer 

This bittersweet documentary focuses on superstar Electronic music producer & DJ Tim Bergling AKA 'AVICII' and his rise to fame, as well as his tragic untimely death. Although a hard watch, and we would like to note a trigger warning for those affected by suicide and mental health struggles, the documentary is a beautiful homage to this artists life, how hard he worked and the undeniable talent he had as well as the legacy left behind by him and his music.




Sample This - Netflix

'Sample This' focuses on then little known musician Michael Viner who brought together a group of some of the greatest studio musicians of the 1970's, to create an album that was seemingly a flop.. until years later when DJ Herc took notice and remastered the percussion breaks by extending them and playing them back to back, thus creating the now infamous ‘Apache Break’. 




The Chemical Generation: An Acid House Documentary - YouTube 

The Chemical Generation delves into the epic acid rave club culture revolution of the 90s in the UK. With the era eventually inspiring films, music and sub cultures alike, this one is unmissable for anyone interested in the birth of Acid house and its legendary culture.




The Defiant Ones -  Netflix

Lastly, steering away from the world of electronic music, we just couldn't leave out the Hughes brothers dramatic depiction of the unbreakable bond between music legends Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. The four-part series includes never before seen footage and interviews from a multitude of exclusive recording and writing sessions and gives insight into a partnership that brokered one of the biggest deals in music history. 




808 - Amazon Prime 

This insightful piece focuses on the story of the Roland TR-808 drum machine and how it changed the course of music history with its influence. Even if you don't know the 808 by name, you will undoubtedly know its sound. 808 reveals the stories of the world famous artists, producers and most importantly the hit music to which the 808 wasan essential part.




A London Some'ting Dis - Amazon Prime

Originally a Channel 4 documentary, this gritty piece is all about about the origins of Jungle and Drum & Bass, featuring legends from the scene such as: Kool London, Brockie & Det, Kenny Ken, Navigator, the Ragga Twins, Grooverider, Ray Keith, Mickey Finn, DJ Ron & Darren Jay. 


Under the Electric Sky  - Amazon Prime

EDC aka Electric Daisy Carnival, is one of the biggest Electronic Music Festivals in the world. Based in Nevada, Las Vegas, it's insane stages, huge line-ups and seemingly endless arrays of neon lights, this 2013 documentary will give you an insight on what to expect and what it takes to run a show of this scale.



Talkin' Headz - YouTube

Talkin' Headz, originally released in 98'and featuring Adam F, DJ Bailey, Ink, Digital, Dillinja, Doc Scott, Ed Rush, Goldie, Grooverider, J. Majik, Lemon D, MC Justiyc, Marly Marl, Matrix, Optical, Randall and Source Direct, as well as Liam and Noel Gallagher, features on the historic rise of the Metalheadz label, and of the huge success it was t go on to have in the world of Drum & Bass.


Drum & Bass Arena - YouTube 

DNBA aka Drum & Bass Arena, give us an exclusive look into the the rave scene in the 2000s, featuring interviews with legends in the game such as Andy C, and more MCs than you could possibly name, this documentary gives us some insight into the rise of the Drum & Bass scene direct from the artists perspectives. 



Daft Punk Unchained - Netflix

Known as one of the original pioneers of electronia, this piece documents the historic rise to fame and the lives of the Daft Punk members Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, and their undeniable talent and influence on the electronic music scene.




FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened - Netflix

We couldn't possibly miss out the infamous disaster that was 'FYRE Festival'..

A documentary that follows Billy MacFarlane and rapper Ja Rule in their quest to put on the greatest luxury music festival in the world. The festival was scheduled to take place on April 28–30 and May 5–7, 2017, on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma, but as many now know, never went ahead. It soon turned into a worldwide scandal, leaving hundreds of festival goers stranded, without food, water or a way back home, and eventually being investigated by the FBI and ruining the lives of its some of its innocent participants. 



Following the musicians and producers responsible for cultivating the Dirty South music movement and featuring interviews with Andre 3000, Puff Daddy, Future, Ludacris, L.A. Reid, 2 Chainz, CeeLo and many more, this is the story of the rise and fall of music's most prolific unsung heroes.


What We Started - Netflix

Premiering on June 15, 2017, at the Los Angeles Film Festival, 'What We Started' includes a star studded cast of electronic dance music superstars such as Carl Cox and Martin Garrix. The feature explores the past, present and future of EDM (electronic dance music) and its ever growing popularity. 


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