Shogun Recommends: Christmas Wishlist 2020

Shogun Recommends: Christmas Wishlist 2020


In a year when many of us have been confined to our homes with no window-shopping, it's tricky not knowing what to buy your friends and family. Fear not, we've banged heads here at the label and caught up with our artists Pola & Bryson, GLXY, Monrroe, GEST & Sustance to compile a 'wish list' of recommendations for every junglist of all shapes & sizes this Christmas.

With a selection across the board from new garms to the latest music and hottest tech on road, if you're looking for a little stocking filler or fancy going the extra mile for the one you love this year, we've got you.


Monrroe Recommends:

I'm super useless with Xmas gifts... But anything plant related is all win for me, give someone a lush green surprise. Good for planet and mind!

Joe (Marketing Manager) Recommends:

Patta - a forward thinking fashion brand that I've always admired, who always go above & beyond with the freshest drops, pushing the highest quality. They’ve had some solid drops for AW20


Pete (A&R) Recommends:

I've really enjoyed curating our Shuriken vinyl series - our limited run of tracks that either never made it to vinyl or classic tracks from the catalogue that are no longer available to buy direct from our shop. Our latest special edition is a celebration of four of the best Shogun remixes of all time, an essential for the collectors amongst you.

Pola & Bryson Recommend:

These inexpensive lamps will add instant vibes in the home and inspiration in the studio.

Amy (Label Manager) Recommends:

As Nike celebrates the Air Max 90 30th anniversary this year they've dropped the classic OG 'Infrared' - arguably one of the best trainers they've ever made! Although they've made some minor adjustments to the heel tab everything else is the same format - with the same 1990 feel. These trainers are a timeless design - but probably won't spend much time on the shelves so move fast!

GLXY Recommend:

As a lifelong Xbox owner, this one's a bit controversial - but the PS5 comes out on top in the next-gen console wars for me. Mostly because 90% of the people I know are getting one... be wary of scalpers at the moment though because it's sold out in a lot of places!

Dom (Product & Distribution Manager) Recommends:

Part of my role at Shogun is briefing new designs for all of our merchandise. I'm really happy with how our Black On Black range turned out, and so this hoody is my pick as the latest Shogun essential merch item.

Sustance Recommends:

There’s not been much hardware outside the modular world that’s caught my attention as much as the Novation Peak of late. The eight voice poly synth has everything you could want from a contemporary studio workhorse but it’s the layers of extra modulation possibilities that have really stood out for me from hours of online trawling watching demos videos. Check out Ricky Tinez excellent YouTube channel for all the best Peak deep dives.

K-Tee (Managing Director) Recommends:

As an independent label, we're all about supporting fellow indies - especially those from our home town flying the flag for arts & culture. Enter Gallery in Brighton is hands down my favourite art shop featuring works from unknown artists all the way to big names like Damien Hirst. Get yourself over to their website and pick up something for yourself or as a gift for others. My personal favouries are Magnus Gojen or anything by Ryca especially the hip hop themed 'pub sign' ranges. Fun Fact: Ryca is a massive d&b fan and loves a bit of old school Icicle. Respect Ryca!

GEST Recommend:

A real pocket rocket - this battery powered synthesizer is an easy way to get some beats on the go at the palm of your hand!


You didn't seriously expect us to forget this one did you? The mandatory annual Christmas essential. Doesn't matter who it's from or who it's to. This year, make sure it's done in style while you rep your favorite label. 

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