Technimatic - 'Through The Hours'

Technimatic - 'Through The Hours'




Technimatic are proud to celebrate 10 years working together with the release of their 3rd studio LP ‘Through The Hours’. Born of time spent behind the boards, on the decks and travelling the world honing their craft, this is their most profound work to date.

 “When we embarked on this album we found ourselves at a point where it felt right to stop – just for a moment – and reflect on what we’d achieved. It was a decade since we’d first started making music together, and this would be our third album for Shogun Audio. So we wanted to make something that reflected everything we’d learned so far, what we hold to be important about this music from its history through to the present day, and where we might go next. A waypoint.” Technimatic 



 ‘Through The Hours’ hit record stores to critical acclaim back in April in various formats including the stunning ‘Deluxe Edition’. This edition featured four beautiful coloured vinyl plates enclosed in a specially made premium quality booklet. To take a more in-depth look at the ‘Deluxe Edition’ of ‘Through The Hours’ click here. 



 "When we were in the studio a lot happened in our 'normal' lives, and we had no idea how much it would affect the music we were creating. We experienced immense highs, and some serious lows. Marriages, deaths, the world changing around us in troubling and unexpected ways: it all found its way into these tracks, and despite times when we thought this album might not even happen, we persevered, through the hours, to make it the best it could possibly be. We think it's our strongest work to date." Technimatic

All of these emotions, experiences and life-changing events can be heard in the details of ‘Through The Hours’.



To celebrate the release of the album we hosted an album launch party at the unique Mick's Garage, London. This event featured artists from within and outside of the Shogun Audio roster and ended up being a real family affair. 



This was the perfect way to celebrate the release of Technimatic’s third LP on Shogun Audio. You can now become the proud owner of Techimatic’s most profound work to date in various vinyl and digital formats by clicking below.




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