Our Top 10 Festival Essentials

Our Top 10 Festival Essentials


2019 marks a big Summer for us. Not only is it our 15th year as a label this year, but we're also hosting stages at festivals including Hospitality On The Beach, Electric Castle and Mysterland.

Festivals can be a dangerous place if you don't pack correctly. Here are our top 10 Summer festival essentials...

10. Cap

It's Summer, it's hot. Don't be a mug and end up with sunstroke.

New to Shogun Audio we've got our first Five Panel Cap, as well as three revamped Trucker Cap designs. Rep Shogun and protect your head at the same time.

9. Summer Selection Playlist

Someone's going to be on the aux in your camp, don't let it be the wrong person!

Assemble a playlist with a selection of the finest Summer bangers and you'll be King/Queen of the aux in your squad. Need some inspiration? Try our Summer selection below 👇 

8. T-shirts

There's a very slim chance that you won't be taking at least one T-shirt with you. Coming in the Shogun classic Black & White, and now also the colourful Pink & Yellow, our new uni-sex T-Shirts have got everyone covered.

7. Battery Pack

Running out of juice on your phone two hours after getting into the festival site is very. very. frustrating. Don't be that person begging on your mates for a "Quick charge" from their portable charger - bring your own. 


6. Waterproof Jacket

British Summers about as trustworthy as those milling about in Number 10 at the moment. Don't get caught out in a surprise thunderstorm in the middle of a field in Winchester, grab our new Windbreaker Jacket to keep yourself dry. It's waterproof, lightweight, and folds up into the front pocket so it won't take up much precious space in your tightly packed festival bag.

5. Tent

Seems obvious, but a surprising amount of people turn up to festivals without somewhere to live.

Sleeping might not be your primary objective but personally, I'd rather sleep in a £20 Argos pop up than a portaloo.


4. Cross Body Bag

Losing your valuables can be one of the biggest downers at a festival. Keep yours safe with our new versatile Cross Body Bag.

3. Suncream

Yes, it's boring. Yes, most of us live in Britain and the weathers temperamental... but bring it anyway. Barely anyone does and if it's sunny then one prepared camper ends up sparingly sharing a 200ml bottle between 20 tomato red, bacon crispy ravers. Where's the justice in that? 

2. Water Bottle

Avoid that dreaded sunstroke and keep hydrated with our new Water Bottle, perfect for keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. 

1. Toilet roll

This is THE festival essential. Worth more than money itself when the festival toilets run out of it on a hungover Monday morning trip to the loo. Be smart and bring this wafer-thin gold dust with you...


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