What's The Number One Shogun Audio Track Of All Time?

What's The Number One Shogun Audio Track Of All Time?

As part of our ongoing 15 Years Of Shogun Audio celebrations, we spoke to some of our favourite DJs, Producers, MCs and friends of the label to find out what their top Shogun Audio track of all time is. With 15 Years of music behind us, there is a broad catalogue to choose from. Read below to find out what Noisia, My Nu Leng, DJ Marky and more selected as their number one Shogun Audio track of all time...

Noisia Selects | Joe Ford - Where Is The Sun

 "The level of heartfelt expression in this synth hook is something unique. It's awesome to hear sound design talent being used primarily to express an emotion. Instantly recognisable, not over-produced (!) and brave in its vulnerability. Hats off to Joe Ford." - Noisia  

Camo & Krooked Selects | Alix Perez & Sabre - Solitary Native

 "We really like how Alix & Sabre used the sample from 'Heather' by Billy Cobham and created this remarkable tune that stands the test of time and still finds its way back into our sets and playlists. The same sample was used by Souls Of Mischief in '93 'Til Infinity', which is a stone-cold Hip Hop classic, and for us, 'Solitary Native' is on par with it as one of the greatest." - Camo & Krooked

DJ Marky Selects | SpectraSoul ft. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)

 "What can I say about this tune? I still play it in my sets now and everybody gets emotional!" DJ Marky

(Chris) The Prototypes Selects | Friction - Altitude (Skynet Remix)

 "I knew in my head already what tune I was going to pick but now having a look through the back cat there's so many classics! During the early days of Shogun Audio, I was a resident DJ for the label under my old name 'Siege' and was still playing full vinyl sets, a lot of these tunes have a special place for me because of that.

The track I'm going to go for is 'Altitude' 2008 Skynet remix - BANGER! Original is one of mine and Nick's all-time favourites, especially going back to Underfire Recordings and the album by Stakka & Skynet 'Clockwork' pretty much defined a huge part of our raving youth for us and our mates. Skynet's remix brought a wicked update to the mix while keeping everything about the original we loved. Also then learning later on from K-Tee that Underfire was based a couple of roads away from where I grew up in Portslade (Brighton) it made the dream of possibilities in my head the more real. Big ups to Friction and K-Tee, congrats on 15 Years and all the team!" - Chris (The Prototypes)

(Dave) SpectraSoul Selects | Commix - Faceless

 "Not necessarily my all-time favourite (as that's an impossible task!) but a special one for me is Commix's 'Faceless'. My first release as Label Manager back in 2006 was the 'Shogun Assassins' EP, and 'Faceless' was one of the first tracks I originally signed. Wicked track, wicked EP and the start of a golden era for the label!" - Dave (SpectraSoul)

Mollie Collins Selects | Monrroe - You Got Me ft. Alexa Harley

  "I'm going to pick something from this end of 15 Years of Shogun Audio, Monrroe 'You Got Me' ft. Alexa Harley which came out at the start of 2019 I believe. The reason I have chosen this track is because I'm a killer for vocal tunes and Monrroe is great at them, especially this one - the whole tune is dreamy and it's one of my faves to mix with something heavier." - Mollie Collins

My Nu Leng Selects | Alix Perez - Down The Line ft. MC Fats (Break Remix)

 "One of the classic soulful rollers from Perez, and his debut on Shogun Audio featuring a beautiful vocal from the legend Fats - this really defined a certain period in Shogun Audio's back cat and led on to a huge remix from Break. Amazing memories of walking into Matter and hearing the Break remix for the first time and being blown away - both tunes are timeless." - My Nu Leng

Alix Perez Selects | dBridge - Kismet

 "To me, this tune stands out in the Shogun Audio back catalogue. It's got the classic dBridge sound that I love." - Alix Perez

Hybrid Minds Selects | Alix Perez & Sabre - Old Flame

 "Shogun Audio set the bar for that classic liquid sound and pretty much introduced us to the music that inspired us to this day. This track, amongst many others, has had lots of plays over the years. The intro and rolling piano is just unbelievable. It brings back very fond memories of long vinyl sessions with friends." - Hybrid Minds

Harriet Jaxxon Selects | Spor - Aztec

 "I'm going to to go for Spor's Aztec as it's been 10 years since it was released and I still play it out all the time and it still goes off every time. A certified anthem with a build-up as epic as the drop." - Harriet Jaxxon

SP:MC Selects | Alix Perez & SpectraSoul - Forsaken ft. Peven Everett

 "Not an easy task, but I've decided my favourite Shogun Audio tune is Alix Perez - 'Forsaken' feat. Peven Everett & SpectraSoul. I remember Alix leaving an early demo version on CD in my car after a gig, and playing it on loop for a couple of days! I could tell it was going to be a big tune from the time I heard it. There was some drama trying to clear the vocals if I recall correctly, I remember hearing it might not make Alix's LP - but thankfully that all got straightened out! Still sounds great today - the mark of a true classic!" - SP:MC

Rene LaVice Selects | Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off

 "I've always loved this tune because it gets right to the point and hits hard without going over the top and taking itself too seriously. I've always loved a good 'roller' and in an era where becoming increasingly maximal and trying too hard was often the case, this tune really cut through and still does today. Gets me ready to 'Set It Off'. Great tune." - Rene LaVice

Kyrist Selects | Alix Perez - I'm Free

 "My reason for picking this tune is that I have so many fond memories of hearing this in clubs like Cable and Fabric back in 2009, and this track was so interesting to me as I'd never heard such a deep steppy tune before that point. It was so ahead of it's time for 10 years ago! This track has been such a huge inspiration to me, as has Alix throughout his career. This one is still heavily in my sets today, so big up Mr. Perez for creating such a timeless banger!" - Kyrist


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