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Signal Doom Desire EP

Signal is a young producer with sonics way beyond his years. Shogun welcome the Doom Desire EP to the release schedule with open arms and stomping feet.

'Doom Desire' sets the tone with a meticulous mixdown and energy. 'Lost Victory' is a cunningly stripped back stepper building into glitched out wizardry. Next up is 'How Will I Know' which takes your hand and lovingly leads you down the deepest of rabbit holes - imagine a stark landscape with futuristic vocals creating a bewitching glimpse of the future. Leading on, 'Misery' holds it's weight with Signal contouring sounds into an ambidextrous beat. As an added bonus exclusive to Beatport, the final track 'Dangerous Humans' dazzles and enforces compliance.

Signal's flair is in abundance on this EP which sounds so at home on Shogun. A meeting of minds which resonates to cavernous depths.

  • 1. Singal - Doom Desire
  • 2. Singal - Lost Victory
  • 3. Signal - How Will I Know
  • 4. Signal - Misery