Joe Ford - Colours In Sound LP

Joe Ford - Colours In Sound LP

SHA133 - Released 24/03/2018

Joe Ford is a producer painting pictures with his sounds. Like any artist true to their craft, his long-awaited debut album 'Colours In Sound' is as experimental as it is complete.

Unveiling the melodic magic of 'Said' to the brutalist impact of 'Tomb Raver', this album delivers from start to finish. 'Where Is The Sun' is an enigmatic opener which grows on the listener as quickly as the track sprouts from itself. Undulating synths and a hot stepper of a beat drive you forward. Collaborations include 'Out Of Place' with Memtrix, 'Care For Me' with Document One, 'Made Of Glass' with Koven and 'Adrenaline' featuring rap-metal band, Hacktivist. Materials blend seamlessly across the tracks as the artists combine to create an exhibition of sonic fascination.

The thing which sets this album apart from a sea of imitators can be measured by its effects on the senses. Phonic delights like 'Cosine' and 'Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants' bounce off the intensity of 'Guess What' and 'Take The Lead', all of which merge into figures growing from the speakers around you.

Joe Ford's vision is crystal clear on 'Colours In Sound' - what is set to be his most successful and focused work to date. While techniques change and the world moves from one space to the next, talent remains the one constant. Make sure you hear 'Colours In Sound' and produce a picture of your own.