DJ Marky - The Time Is Right LP

DJ Marky - The Time Is Right LP

SHA250 - Released 21/07/2023


From an avid record collector in his home of Brazil to an artist now championing an undisputable position in the upper echelon of D&B's global hierarchy, DJ Marky's 'The Time Is Right' LP sees one of underground music's biggest success stories serve up an incredibly significant album that represents his unwavering passion for both drum and bass culture and his own growth as an artist.

19 years on from the release of his debut album ‘In Rotation’ with XRS, the internationally revered DJ, producer, and label head has found a home for this greatly-awaited album on Shogun Audio, traversing an extensive and beguiling selection of sonic soundscapes across fifteen of the most refined tracks that you'll hear this year.

Capturing both his signature sound and pristine personality in an energetic, bubbly, and vibrant amalgamation of soon-to-be drum and bass anthems, 'The Time Is Right' is an immaculate 175BPM fuelled offering that celebrates one of the scene's most passionate, charismatic, and loved mainstays of the past two decades.

Teaming up with a selection of hugely talented collaborators, including the likes of Pola & Bryson, MC GQ, Makoto, Charli Brix, SOLAH, and many more, 'The Time Is Right' sees DJ Marky serve up a heartfelt, vigorous, and personal sonic journey that undoubtedly presents his most meaningful and complete body of work to date.

As a love letter to his peers, fans, collaborators, and the D&B scene as a whole, this latest album from one of D&B's biggest icons captures the brilliance of his innate ability to intertwine different cultures and music in a mesmerisingly effortless manner.

Through the deeply-personal and emotive feels of 'Colours Of My Mind ft. Pola & Bryson', future anthems such as 'Natural Feeling ft. Charli Brix & Alibi' and 'Back & Forth ft. Melinki, D'Cypher, Harry Shotta & GQ', certified club hits like 'Wrong Hands ft. L-Side, and many other gems embedded throughout the album, DJ Marky further cements his reputation as one of the most unique, talented, and iconic artists to ever grace the drum and bass scene.