DJ Marky X Pola & Bryson - Run The Streets EP

SHA164 - Released 03/06/2020

Drum & Bass royalty DJ Marky reconnects with rising stars Pola & Bryson to present the ‘Run The Streets EP’. Following their collaboration on the ’15 Years Of Shogun Audio’ various artist compilation at the end of last year, this extended project is a showcase of the artists’ versatility with three original tracks and Ed:it’s a rough-and-ready take on ‘Into The Blue’.

Title track ‘Run The Streets’ opens proceedings. Featuring snapping drum breaks and fizzing 808 bass hits, this one’s not for the light-hearted. ‘Trouble’ soon follows, with a topline vocal from Bristol-based Javeon over a vibey instrumental that won’t be leaving your memory any time soon. ‘Dogfighter’ is proof that the three artists can play naughty and nice, with a seemingly innocent intro led with a voice note from Marky himself leading into an onslaught of gritty bass in between tight drums. Shogun family Ed:it closes out the project, with his darker take on ‘Into The Blue’.



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