DRS, Dogger & Mindstate - Wake You Up

SHA203 - Released 29/10/2021

If you haven’t heard about DRS’ link ups with Dogger & Mindstate, then you must have been in hibernation… it’s time to wake up! But if you are aware of this combo, then you’ll know all about the soulful magic these artists can create when they join forces. “Don’t Hurt Me (rework)”, “You Saw The Devil In Me”, “Holding Back” – there have been some spectacular fireworks sent by these artists over the past year.

Shogun Audio are proud to reveal the trio have fixed up another treat - representing DRS’ first solo release on the label, “Wake You Up” packs the smooth lyrics, soulful melodies and all round good vibes we’ve come to love this link up for.

An artist who has done so much for MCs and vocalists in the scene, it’s fair to say whenever DRS picks up the mic you know it’s going to be something special. From his incredible Light Language LP last year, to releasing a joint album with MC Dynamite, Playing In The Dark, there have already been many special DRS releases, and we’re sure “Wake You Up” will be another to add to the list. Don’t sleep on this one!




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