Ed:it - Silhouettes Part One

SHA152 - Released 20/06/2019

Ed:it presents Part One of his ‘Silhouettes Series’. From deep & darker tracks to more musical & liquid styles, this series showcases his vast capabilities behind the buttons.

Intro track ‘Dayz’ sets the pace for the series, capturing a progressive musical vibe into a rolling drop. Next up we’re presented with the lead single ‘Brink’ - a steppy flow saturated with dub overtones and vocal support from Lady Soul. ‘So True’ is laced with a live recorded guitar part and vocal sample, keeping the vibe melodic and rolling. Closing the first part of the series ‘Generally Speaking’ a full groovy vibe. Letting the drums and bass do the talking, this represents the style of drum and bass that Ed:it thrives on.

“My main inspiration is to create original rolling beats and breaks which include a natural percussive sound. I’ve tried to focus on this throughout the series and sometimes concentrated the vibe on the drums alone. Also directing the percussion to the foreground to provide more groove to the music. I feel that this has brought together a fresh meaning to my production, especially on certain sounds.”



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