Ed:it - Silhouettes Part Three

SHA160 - Released 05/11/2019

In true Ed:it fashion, Ed Warrener masterfully closes out the Silhouettes Series with four rolling cuts designed to make you move.
Striking a considered balance between the grit of Part One with the deeper shades of Part Two, this final instalment marks a captivating culmination to Ed:it’s year.
Cutting reese hits and crisp drum breaks interject a gripping vocal hook in opener ‘Empty Eyes’, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. Ed:it proceeds to provide ‘The Ticket’, a collaboration with fellow Shogun affiliates Pola & Bryson – rising pad and repeating vocal motifs build to a thumping bassline built for the dancefloor.

‘Endings’ follows, featuring a critical yet measured bassline over weighty drum hits. ‘Can’t Stop Thinking’ ends the Silhouettes chapter, a reflective piano line leading the charge into a brooding vocal hook over oozes of warm bass.



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