GEST - The Nexus EP

GEST - The Nexus EP

SHA221 - Released 15/04/2022

An integral part of the Shogun Audio family, GEST once again showcase their heavy, techy, and rolling drum and bass sound with their second EP on the label. This latest body of work, entitled 'The Nexus' EP, connects all the fragments of their idiosyncratic, high-octane sound, acting as a captivating four-track frenzy that draws influence from early Detroit techno and D&B royalty alike.

Previously known as Gerra & Stone, the pair have risen rapidly in recent years with a finely polished sound that is truly unique to them. GEST lay out the blueprints of what they're all about with the opening sounds of 'Nexus', with a clear emphasis on the duo's underground, dancefloor-oriented sound intertwined with an abundance of techno-inspired synth work throughout.

As we delve into the EP, 'Concentrate' adds yet another master-crafted roller to their collection of groove-centric tracks, whilst 'Stayed On My Mind' provides a melodious infusion of deep subs, beguiling vocal loops, and pronounced percussive elements to the EP.

Last, but by no means least, 'Reverence' sees GEST draw heavy influence from one of their heroes in the form of the late and great Marcus Intalex. Defined by crisp, rolling drums, ambient synth work, and an underlying aura of luxuriant atmosphere, the melodic, almost soothing melody intertwined with ‘Reverence’ clearly draws from the inspiration of Marcus Intalex’s legendary sound.

"This release represents a development of our sounds and some new directions from previous singles we have released in the short time the GEST project has been active. The trademark sound is the framework but it has been presented in a different light." GEST