GLXY - Chiral EP

SHA140 - Released 26/10/2019

After the success of their ‘Vision’ EP, GLXY see out 2018 in style - moving their sound into deeper, unexplored territory with the experiments producing chemical breakdowns and molecular movements.

‘Infinite’ features the sultry vocals of SOLAH with Zero T joining the GLXY boys behind the boards. A sublime tremor, ‘Infinite’ is the perfect soundtrack as the winter season sets in. ‘Revision’ then pulses with alchemy. A mesh of molecules contorting from divine to devilish, this one has floors bubbling to boiling point. Refining the formula further, ‘Discourse’ percolates with kinetic energy resulting in a deep, sun-kissed roller.

The Ep title track ‘Chiral’ sews all the atoms and molecules together with asymmetrical perfection in a contorting analysis of bass. This EP really shows off GLXY’s time spent in the lab and their current ability to mould elements proves they’re one of the most organic conductors in the scene. 



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