Icicle - Dreadnaught / Arrows

SHA040 - Released 28/02/2011

'Dreadnaught' - Simply one of the most stunning slices of bass heavy beats in D&B history. Teaming up with SP:MC, 'Mr Freeze' aka Icicle created an astonishing track. Killer beats, heavy sub alongside SP's instantly recognisable vocals creating the perfect club banger and a bonifide classic - 30hz to your chest to increase your pulse rate!! 

On the flip side Arrows is another classic slice of Icicle D&B with Japanese koto, flutes and percussion alongisde flying arrows this track transports us back to the medieval samurai training grounds but with a modern D&B twist.

Arguably one off the strongest 12" vinyl releases of the time this is classic Icicle at his very best, buy on sight.  



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