Icicle - Entropy LP

Icicle - Entropy LP

SHACD010 - Released 16/11/2014

Winter is coming as Icicle returns to the fore with his sophomore album, ‘Entropy’. Delivering his most developed and ferocious music to date, Icicle unleashes a tirade of bass weight, ready to blow the eyes and ears of the electronic music world into next year. Leaning from grime infested urban electronica through to emotionally charged trip hop and full on trademark sci-fi drum & bass, the resulting ‘Entropy’ is one of the most prime and compelling examples of hybrid dance music yet seen in 2014.

“My first album 'Under The Ice', was an attempt to showcase my influences and where I came from musically, it was in a sense retrospective. This new album is more of a look into what I think the future of this sound could be. The term ‘Entropy’ means a ‘state of disorder’ or 'measure of chaos' which I felt was a great metaphor for how my production style has evolved, diversified and developed over the years." - Icicle

"Album of the month" - Mixmag

"Next level Icicle business. Just when you thought he couldn't get any cooler..." - UKF

"Sound design master Icicle maintains his place in the pantheon of bass music with his sophomore LP" - Thump