Invadhertz - Patterns

SHA214 - Released 08/04/2022

Blending old-school influences with modern-day flavours, Italy-based duo Invadhertz are the latest producers to offer up their own fresh ideas and sounds on the Shogun Origins series. Having continuously impressed in recent years with their crisp rolling sonics, Invadhertz land on Shogun Audio for the first time with their single 'Patterns'.

Always looking to innovate, Invadhertz have emulated the production methods used in old-school melodic techno tracks, with repetition and soulful melodies being intertwined with modulated mid basses, rolling drums, and succulent stabs to serve up a 170BPM-infused treat that perfectly symbolises Invadhertz’s sound and style.

"This release means a lot to us, we worked on this track for quite a long time. Releasing with Shogun is a huge milestone for us as artists, having this chance is just awesome and unbelievable!” Invadhertz




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