Koherent - Bliss

SHA178 - Released 13/11/2020

‘Synthwave-inspired liquid with a night-time vibe’; Koherent proudly return to Shogun Audio with ‘Bliss’. Following on from the likes of ‘Close To Me’ released on the label earlier in 2020, here the duo recapture the essence of the ‘New Wave Grime’ movement championed by the likes of Mssingno, Dark0, and Deadcrow in their own unexpected way.

An epic and emotional introduction featuring retro-sounding synths and atmospheric vocoders seamlessly switch into a playful drop of vocal chops, string motifs and marimbas – with a warm bassline to boot.

With ‘Bliss’ and the previously release Turning Point & Second Storm EPs on Shogun Audio, Koherent and briskly carving out their own sound identity in the drum & bass scene.



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